“Dramatic increase”

Tony Fioriglio of the Times Herald reports:

NORRISTOWN — The Norristown Area School District unveiled an updated version of the 2013-14 budget that contains a smaller tax increase than originally anticipated at the school board’s final budget meeting on Monday night.

In addition to increases in real estate transfer tax, the district is projecting a dramatic increase in the collection of delinquent real estate taxes after switching to a tax collection services provided by Montgomery County.

“Last November, the school district transitioned its collections back to the Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau,” said Rohricht. “There was a lot of initial hesitation. There were some concerns about effective they would be and if they would have an impact on our cash flow. Those concerns have certainly been put to rest a few times over.”

In fact, with the county collectors in place, the district is projecting a 17 percent increase in revenue, which amounts to approximately $5.8 million, although Rohricht did say that there is a possibility that amount collected could end up surpassing $6 million.

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