Conshohocken Councilmember Wants ‘New Energy’ For Moncto Treasurer

Nate Adams of the Plymouth-Whitemarsh Patch reports:

“I looked at what was going on in the county and though, with my professional background and my work on the county, I could be beneficial to the county,” he said.

Salus, who works in economic development, cites the borough council’s work in collecting over $1 million in delinquent taxes between 2007 and 2011 as an example of local practices that could have a countywide impact.

“There is a roll the county can play in attracting new retail and working with small businesses to help revitalize our economy,” he said.

Salus also cited increased communication on wise spending, as well as a focus on using banks over check-cashing institutions as a means of promoting economic growth in the county.

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