PUBLIC MEETINGS: Parking & One-Way Avenues Proposal

Conshohocken has been talking about safety on Fayette Street and our chronic parking shortage for years. In an effort to improve safety, create approximately 170 new parking spaces and calm traffic, Council is considering a plan to make certain non-signalized Avenues one-way and convert parallel parking spaces to back-in angled spaces. We’ve been discussing this plan in the Parking & Transportation Committee for several months and presented it several weeks ago at the May Council meeting.

You can read the proposal and see maps of the plan by click this link.

Council has scheduled three Public Meetings with Borough Staff, the Borough Engineer and members of Council to review and discuss this proposal and elicit feedback.

The meeting dates are as follows:

Saturday, June 12th
10:30 AM
Mary Wood Park House
120 E. 5th Avenue

Wednesday, June 16th
6:00 PM
Conshohocken Borough Hall
720 Fayette Street

Saturday, June 19th
10:30 AM
The Fellowship House
515 Harry Street

Please take a few minutes to review the proposal, attend one of the public meetings if your schedule permits and share your feedback.  I’ve always believed that there’s no monopoly on good ideas, so please share yours with me.


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