Support the Colonial Neighborhood Council

The Colonial Neighborhood Council (CNC) supports Conshohocken residents in need.  Among other things, it provides a Meals on Wheels service for Conshocken seniors.  The collections from the January Food Drive that I sponsored were donated to the CNC’s Food Cupboard.  On several occasions, as Lisa and I made room for the baby and got rid of old clothes and appliances, we donated them to the CNC.  In short, it’s a worthy local charity.

On Wednesday, April 28, the CNC is hosting its 2nd Annual “Food Cupboard Stroll”.

CNC asks you to give up your lunch and come take a stroll through town with them.

  • It’s NOT a run, just a stroll
  • Have your Company sponsor a team
  • Make your own T-shirts – Be creative / get sponsors

All proceeds go to CNC Food Cupboard:

  • The Entrance Fee is $20 per person.
  • Teams with matching shirts and at least 10 members are $15/per person.

CNC asks you to give up one lunch for those that have gone without many!  For more info. or to register your team, call Sandi 610-828-6595 or e-mail


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