Share your best parking fix

I was recently appointed to serve as the Chair of Borough Council’s Parking and Transportation Committee for this year.  In that capacity, I’ve asked each member of Council to identify one parking “action item” in their ward that the Borough can cost-effectively (and realistically) address by the end of this year.  Action items may be policy or procedure goals, a signage change or a structural fix.  We won’t be able to solve all of our problems overnight, but this is a down payment on our efforts.

I’m a firm believer that there is no monopoly on good ideas.

I’d like to hear your suggestions and recommendations for Ward 1. What do you think would be a smart, inexpensive parking fix for our Ward (from Fayette Street to Colwell Lane, and the south side of West 4th Avenue to the River) that we can accomplish over the next 11 months?

If you don’t live in Ward 1 but have an idea, please send it along, and I’ll share it with your Councilmember.

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